12 Days of “List-Mas” Merry Christmas even to the “Filthy Animals”

This list is for my sister, who has many interesting qualities, including being a vegetarian. Her and I often talk about how funny it is that people struggle to feed her at gatherings and parties. People tend to think that you need to go all out for them, and forget about all of the very simple options that they are already making. So here is a list dedicated to feeding the Vegetarians at your Christmas.

  1. Macaroni and Cheese
  2. Pink Fluff
    1. It goes by many names, so here is a quick rundown of the ingredients: Cherry pie filling, whip cream, sweetened condensed milk, and crushed pineapple.
  3. Vegetable tray
    1. I know, scandalous right! But really! If they are like my sister they are really ok with just munching on a tray full of carrots and broccoli, especially if there is ranch!
  4. Antipasto tray
    1. You know, without the salami
  5. Corn Casserole
    1. Can of cream corn, can of corn, butter, jiffy mix, and some buttermilk
  6. Deviled eggs
  7. Mashed Potatoes
  8. 3 Cheese Lasagna
    1. it is even the cheaper option!
  9. Cheese Quesadillas
  10. Sub Vegetable broth in your stuffing instead of Chicken, or beef
    1. I honestly prefer it! It adds a little more variety to the dish!
  11. Cheese Pizza
    1. Because pizza is delicious, and they always forget that they can offer that too. What kind of red blooded American does not like pizza!?
  12. Salad
    1. I’m not kidding, people forget they can do that for a vegetarian

12 Days of “List-mas” – Stocking Stuffers

This List is not only for this site, but also to help jump start some ideas for home. I have decided this year to do snacks and treats in the stockings, but that still leaves a question of which snack will make the big red socks. While I love the idea of stockings, I think they are cute and want to make sure I fill them every year, I do not agree with them being filled with expensive things.

My grandma said that in hers a child she always had fruit, an apple, and orange I believe. I know for a fact that Mr. Logan would be UPSET if he received fruit in his stocking. So, that’s where my idea for homemade snacks came in. Who would be upset with chocolate shaped as a wreath!?

  1. Popcorn
  2. Hot Chocolate
  3. Rice Krispy Treats
  4. Hay stacks
  5. Chocolate dipped pretzels
  6. Candy Cane
  7. Molded Chocolate
  8. Puppy Chow… I guess we could call it Reindeer chow, but I feel like that is something too.
  9. Kisses melted on pretzels
  10. Trail mix
  11. Juice Box
  12. Pocky

12 Days of “List-mas” – Useless Facts

While no fact is useless, here are 12 facts that you more than likely won’t need.

  1. Giraffes don’t have vocal chords
  2. A group of cats is called a clowder
  3. A fly’s buzz will always be in the key of “F”
  4. There are 293 ways to make a dollar
  5. There are more cows in Oklahoma than people(1:12)
  6. The plastic at the end of your shoelace is called an aglet
  7. The Hawaiian alphabet only has 12 letters, that’s why Hawaiian words are so long
  8. Birds don’t/can’t pee
  9. The keyboard was made for left handed people
  10. The drawer under your range(stove/oven) is for proofing bread
  11. Your skin is waterproof
  12. Wedding dresses were not traditionally white until after 1840

12 Days of “List-Mas” Quote

So for October, there is this thing artists do called “Inktober.” Inktober is where an artist draws a new picture for each day of October, corresponding with that day’s theme. My brother did it last year and I thought it would be fun for me to do the same thing… but mine would be little short stories for the theme. Alas, October was half way over before I realized it and I missed my opportunity.

I have recently started watching this lady on YouTube who makes soap on her channel “Royalty Soaps” and she does “12 days of SoapMas” and thought that perhaps I could so something similar here! I am in the middle of my Christmas sewing, so I don’t think short stories are going to work out, so I shall grace you with my favorite thing to do: Lists!

When I was in middle school, I was positively in LOVE with quotes, in fact I would go on GoodReads.com and make quote print-outs to stick on the outside of my binders at school, and change them for each season. As  I have grown up, I have gotten away from my search for the best quote, but do occasionally lurk around and muddle through some. So keeping up with our theme of  “12 Days,” here are 12 Quotes that would have appeared on my middle school binder.

  1. “Who knew that the path to a woman’s heart was through the soul of an honest man?” Melissa De La Cruz
  2. “It takes ten times as long to put yourself back together as it does to fall apart.” Suzanne Collins
  3. “And that is how change happens. One gesture. One person. One moment at a time.” Libba Bray
  4. “Angry people are not always wise.” Jane Austen
  5. “There are no safe choices. Only other choices.” Libba Bray
  6. “This is my depressed stance. When you’re depressed, it makes a lot of difference how you stand. The worst thing you can do is straighten up and hold your head high because then you’ll start to feel better. If you’re going to get any joy out of being depressed, you’ve got to stand like this.” Charles M. Schulz
  7. “Life’s not easy for unicorns, you know. We’re a dying breed.” Meg Cabot
  8. “When you are drowning you don’t think, ‘I would be incredibly please if someone would notice I’m drowning and come and rescue me.’ You just scream.” – John Lennon
  9. “I did not attend his funeral, but I sent a nice letter saying I approved of it.” Mark Twain
  10. “Funyuns make you fart … Funyuns give you bad breath too. Not very attractive to the ladies” Jessica Verday
  11. “You’ve got about as much charm as a dead slug.” Suzanne Collins
  12. “The peace sign is with two fingers, not one.” Meg Cabot

Oh Henry!

The summer is not a good time of the year for my family. My husband and I do NOT do well in heat, and living in Oklahoma, we have plenty of it. Apart from us just not liking the heat, we have our little shiba inu Stella, whose little body is not built for the Oklahoma summers. It is not just the heat, but the poor thing has MAD allergies. Her allergies get so bad that she chews and chews at her skin until she bleeds. I don’t know if you know anything about shiba inus, but they are not a quitting breed, just because she is bleeding does not mean that she stops scratching and biting. Because of all of the problems that summer brings to Stella, we are frequent flyers at the vet, trying to find SOME WAY to stop this snowy puppy from looking like a used tampon.

While at one of our many vet visits one of the ladies casually mentioned that they have a male corgi that will be up for adoption soon. My husband and I have been talking since we got Stella that we would get a male dog to breed her with, but our hopes had started to dwindle after all of the vet bills that we were accumulating, and had decided that we did not need another shiba to pay for. That didn’t stop me from still wanting another dog, and Stella really needs a playmate. Not to mention having a corgi has always been a dream of mine. So I freaked out. They brought him out to meet Stella.

When they opened, the door to let him out he did not see anyone else in the room. He bee lined right up to Stella and they immediately started playing. Ow, my heart.

He came with problems though. He had been attacked by a dog that had broken his jaw, so he was fresh out of recovery from that. The town that I live in has made it a law that any dog that is homed in town HAS to be fixed before they go to their new home. –there goes my dream of little shiba-corgi puppies. And he had a cough. They told me it would be 2 weeks before I would be able to take him home. So I waited. I waited for a month. Finally, after much stress we were able to take him home.

Henry was said to be a very alpha male dog, and to have food and toy aggression. First of all, what is toy aggression..? Second there is no way this boy has any kind of aggression in him, he submits to Stella’s every demand. She is the alpha around here, and there is no telling her otherwise. For the first week I set the food in the living room and watched them eat, dreading that I was going to have to start doing scheduled feeds. My concern, however, was unmet because they both share so well and there is always food left over in their bowls for snacks later.

My last fear about bringing home a new dog was busted today. Today Henry got his first bath, and I was absolutely dreading it. I thought for sure he was going to be the worst dog to have to bathe. Why? I have no idea, because when I got him in the tub he was having the time of his life. FINALLY, he was getting just what he wanted ALL of the attention and love to himself and did not have to share it with anyone else. When we were done, I dried him off with a towel and left the bathroom. The little guy kept trying to go back in there to get another bath!

I guess the moral of the story, if there must be one, is that scared sick dogs (and humans) should not be judged for their personality. The way we were warned about his behavior and tendencies, I almost did not get him. Thank goodness I put the warnings on the back burner, because if I hadn’t I would not have the sweet and loving puppy at my feet.

Why a Homemade Quilt Makes the Best Wedding Gift.

A friend of mine is getting married in the next couple of weeks. While I have not met the soon-to-be husband, after spending any amount of time with the bride you can easily see that she is well loved. Every time she gets to say his name, or bring him up in a conversation you can see her eyes dance with excitement. They have been engaged for three years but have obviously been together longer than that. They have grown up together and lived together for a long time. With that being said, they have a well-established household already, so what do you get a couple like that?

I want to get them something special, something that they can keep forever. So that every time they look at it, they can remember their special day. I thought long and hard and decided that the best thing I could give them was a quilt. Mind you, I have made exactly one quilt before this one. I am a completely self-taught quilter. My machine is a very appreciated hand-me-down that I cherish more and more with each project. Everything that I know comes from either trial and error or YouTube. Nonetheless, I went and picked out, what I humbly thought was, the best fabrics to suit them and the occasion.

Their invitations where a series of pictures that resulted in them dead next to a camp sign and the caption read “Even in Death,” so to keep in theme, I found some BEAUTIFUL dark purple fabric that had two skeletons who look festive enough to be getting married on it, to use as the centerpiece.

Ideally, I would have made them a quilt big enough for their bed or at least big enough for two people. Since that is what is happening, two people becoming one. Sweet right? Well unfortunately, when I made my first quilt (which is somewhere close to twin sized) I had learned that my machine CANNOT make something of that size. So I had to opt for a lap blanket. For one.

The plan was to free motion quilt it and make it BEAUTIFUL. Well, once again my plans came up short when I started to practice the stitch pattern, I had in mind. Turns out my machine also will not let the feed dogs go down. Yes, I can get something to cover the feed dogs, but not with my timeline, being so rushed. So ditch stitching it is. I have just finished the whole thing, save for the binding, which will be added tomorrow. Of coarse my opinion is more than a little biased, but I think it is beautiful and absolutely perfect, especially for a wedding gift.

I started out just wanting to get them a gift and then I wanted something more. I wanted something they could hang onto for life. I was unable to make it the size that I wanted it to be, but I think I could search for 1,000 years and not find a better fabric for them. The stitching might just be plain and not nearly as fancy as they deserve, but it will hold the quilt together and make it last, possibly even better than it would have if it were fancier. I had to adapt to each obstacle as it came and learn a few new tricks to make everything work out, but was happy to do it. Doesn’t that sound an awful lot like a marriage built to survive, “Even in Death”?

Beau and Henry the Post Master

Carolyn and I make our way to the post office to mail my letter. The summer heat beats down on me and we can’t reach the post office quick enough. Apparently, we were not the only ones mailing today, because there are people waiting in line when we get there. Luckily there is a shaded area on the porch that has a nice breeze to cool us while we ait. We stand there for a while when a very good-looking man comes up to join us. “Howdy Mrs. Cooper.” He nods his head to her, taking his hat off slightly and replaces it on his head again. “How’s the children?”

“Spoiled as ever Mr. MacDawson.” She says with a laugh. When his gaze drifts off to my direction, she adds, “Have you met my friend Bessie? She is visiting with my mother from out east.”

He turns to me then and I get to see how very good looking he is. His eyes are so green they are almost unsettling. He curves his mouth into a big grin revealing beautifully white teeth. He takes his hat off his head, holds it to his chest with his left hand, and reveals short curly red hair. “Howdy Miss Bessie” he drawls.

“Bessie, this is Mr. MacDawson he has a farm just outside of town.”

“Hello Mr. MacDawson, it is very nice to meet you.”

“Please, call me Beau. How have you enjoyed your visit so far?”

“Oh, I have only been here a couple days, but I feel like I could stay here forever! Everyone has been so kind, much kinder than anyone back home.”

“How much longer are you staying?”

I pause for a moment, trying to think of how to tell him it depends whether or not I get a husband, “It’s an open ended stay for now.” I say instead. “Or until Carolyn kicks me out!” I say with a chuckle.

“Oh if we wait for that you will never go home, dear! You are such great company, and more importantly: such a great baby sitter!” as we all laugh, I see something float across Carolyn’s face. “Beau,” she says suspiciously, “why don’t you join us for lunch Sunday, after church? I am making a roast and there will be plenty to go around!”

The line creeps up and a lady walks out of the building, “Miss Carolyn I would never pass up your Sunday roast! You’ll see me there!” he says. “Well ladies I still have a few more errands to run before I make my way back home so I will leave y’all to it. Very nice to meet you Bessie.”

I nod my head and agree with him when he is gone another person leaves the post office. “Carolyn, I think you are up to something.”

“I don’t know what you are talking about,” She says. We stand in silence for a beat. Before she can’t stand it any longer and continues “but if I were, all parties involved would love the idea. Beau would be a perfect husband. He is kind and gentle man who has his home, a steady income, he is hard working-“

I start laughing, and put my hands up in surrender. “I’ll give him a chance Carolyn. He seems to be a pretty good guy. You don’t have to sell him to me.”

We finally get up to the counter and I find out why it has taken us so long. Behind the counter is a man who is 100 if he is a day. He has sparse white hair, and the bushiest eyebrows I have ever seen. He hunches over as he moves at snail pace, finishing up on the order before ours.

“Hello Henry! I see business is keeping you busy this afternoon! You are looking handsome as ever!” Carolyn coos at the old man as he adjusts his coke bottle glasses, unamused. “This is my friend Bessie; she is visiting from out east.” He mumbles something intelligible “Bessie, this is our postmaster Henry Roy. Believe it or not, he has been our only post master. Ever. He was among the first people to settle here in town!”

Oh, I believe it all right. He looks as if one gust of wind could kill him, here and now. “Nice to meet you, Henry.” I say pleasantly. His reaction is underwhelming. He stands there, his eyes looking directly at me, but unseeing. I look over at Carolyn for help.

She takes the letter from my hand and puts it on the counter. “Here we are! Just need this to be mailed.” She pauses for a moment, allowing time for him to respond. He doesn’t of course, so she goes on, “Ok, we’re gonna be on our way. You stay charming Henry!” she takes my arm and gently pulls on it, pointing me towards the door.

“He sure is… um, lively.” I say once we are on the street again.

She throws her head back in a laugh. “Oh, Henry has been 100 since I was in diapers. Poor old man hasn’t talked since my mom was in diapers! The schoolchildren are all frightened of him. They say he must be a vampire to still be living! And honestly every wrinkle I get and he is still living AND WORKING the more I believe them!.”