With my new job this year and our saving up for life events, finances have been more than a little tight. That Coupled with my newfound love of sewing, I decided that I was going to make some of the Christmas gifts this year. I think what ended up happening was everyone gets one store bought gift and one homemade gift, save for Mr. Logan of course, call me partial but he got more than two gifts. Here is a list of things that were made or maybe made for gifts.

  1. Sleep Pants
    • They are beyond easy to make, the worst part…well for any project is having to cut them out. Something about the finality of cutting vs the “ease” of picking stitches really messes with my head.
  2. A Bandolier – shoulder sling to hold NERF bullets
  3. A Kitchen apron
  4. A Gathering apron
    • This is a super cute apron that can be worn long, or folded and tied to hold your harvest while working in the garden
  5. Quilt
  6. Scrunchies
  7. Zipper bag
    • for makeup or dainty things you don’t want lost
  8. Candies
  9. Cork Board
    • For drawings that won’t fit on my refrigerator and can be changed out, without fear of a dog swallowing a magnet. The one I made has ribbons crisscrossing so that he can just stick the pictures under the ribbon.
  10. Pot Holders
  11. Crochet blanket
    • My mom did this one for her grand kids, I don’t want you to think I’m too handy
  12. Mittens
    • Conveniently made out of the cabbage of the sleep pants!

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