Christmas spirit is more than just buying things,  having Christmas spirit is spreading joy. A list of 12 things that don’t take much effort, but can make someone’s day.

  1. A Smile
    1. Let’s start off with something easy. It does not even have to be someone you don’t know. Give your husband, brother, sister, wife, child a smile. and not one of those creepy ones. A nice smile to jump start the day, or just to keep it going.
  2. Let someone go ahead of you in line.
    1. listen, it does not happen very often, but it REALLY brightens up my day when someone tells me to cut them in the checkout line at Walmart.
  3. Complement someone
    1. You see someone with a pretty lipstick color, tell them. Someone has a nice pair of shoes on, tell them. Someones humming was on key and lovely, tell them.
  4. Let it gooooo
    1. Someone bumps into and has a sour face on, give ’em a nice smile and KEEP GOING. Breathe, and let it go. Honestly, that might be the best gift you can give them.
  5. Tell someone you appreciate them.
    1. Thank the man who holds the door open for you, the crossing guard helping you and your kid cross the street. Thank the lady at the bank who helped you, or the person at Walmart who checked you out. Tell your spouse you appreciate them letting the dogs out or your kid for picking up the dog toys without having to be told. Tell your mailman thank you, when he delivers your mail.
  6. Make some contact.
    1. Call someone you haven’t talked to in a while. Don’t call them to ask them to do something for you, just call them up and have a nice chat… maybe tell them you appreciate them?
    2. Nothing makes me happier than when I get an expectant phone call from one of my siblings, just to shoot the breeze.
  7. Pet a dog
    1. this one is for you. you deserve it!
  8. Have a dance party
    1. Sometimes when it is just me and Mr. Logan and he is being an especially sour apple, I will turn on some music on the TV and start dancing. Every time, he gets mad at first and says the music is too loud, but I just keep dancing and eventually he comes around and will start dancing too. It is hard to be a sour apple when Step-mom is doing the lawn mower to some Planet Booty in the middle of the living room.
  9. Share your meal
    1. your going to cook anyway, and no one can make the right portion size. Invite over your mom to share it with you. It is a win win, she gets to spend some time with you and you don’t have to eat left overs!
  10. Write a letter
    1. When I am feeling especially antsy I will write my brother a letter and send it off to him. He is stationed a couple states away from all of us and figure if I’m antsy he has got to be too. I would do this for my sister too the first couple years after I moved out, save for I would write it in a journal and then give her the journal as a Christmas gift. Besides who doesn’t love receiving mail that is not a bill?
  11. Pick up the stray dog
    1. See a stray dog on your way home, pick him up and call his owner. It is getting cold out and they don’t need to be outside for too long. Besides that their owners are probably worried about them.
  12. Pick someone up.
    1. Running some errands today? See if your mom wants to go with you. Maybe your neighbor next door would like a ride to the store too, see if they want to accompany you. Call your co-worker who lives on your way to work, see if they need a ride. You are already going to make the trip, why not car pool?

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