The summer is not a good time of the year for my family. My husband and I do NOT do well in heat, and living in Oklahoma, we have plenty of it. Apart from us just not liking the heat, we have our little shiba inu Stella, whose little body is not built for the Oklahoma summers. It is not just the heat, but the poor thing has MAD allergies. Her allergies get so bad that she chews and chews at her skin until she bleeds. I don’t know if you know anything about shiba inus, but they are not a quitting breed, just because she is bleeding does not mean that she stops scratching and biting. Because of all of the problems that summer brings to Stella, we are frequent flyers at the vet, trying to find SOME WAY to stop this snowy puppy from looking like a used tampon.

While at one of our many vet visits one of the ladies casually mentioned that they have a male corgi that will be up for adoption soon. My husband and I have been talking since we got Stella that we would get a male dog to breed her with, but our hopes had started to dwindle after all of the vet bills that we were accumulating, and had decided that we did not need another shiba to pay for. That didn’t stop me from still wanting another dog, and Stella really needs a playmate. Not to mention having a corgi has always been a dream of mine. So I freaked out. They brought him out to meet Stella.

When they opened, the door to let him out he did not see anyone else in the room. He bee lined right up to Stella and they immediately started playing. Ow, my heart.

He came with problems though. He had been attacked by a dog that had broken his jaw, so he was fresh out of recovery from that. The town that I live in has made it a law that any dog that is homed in town HAS to be fixed before they go to their new home. –there goes my dream of little shiba-corgi puppies. And he had a cough. They told me it would be 2 weeks before I would be able to take him home. So I waited. I waited for a month. Finally, after much stress we were able to take him home.

Henry was said to be a very alpha male dog, and to have food and toy aggression. First of all, what is toy aggression..? Second there is no way this boy has any kind of aggression in him, he submits to Stella’s every demand. She is the alpha around here, and there is no telling her otherwise. For the first week I set the food in the living room and watched them eat, dreading that I was going to have to start doing scheduled feeds. My concern, however, was unmet because they both share so well and there is always food left over in their bowls for snacks later.

My last fear about bringing home a new dog was busted today. Today Henry got his first bath, and I was absolutely dreading it. I thought for sure he was going to be the worst dog to have to bathe. Why? I have no idea, because when I got him in the tub he was having the time of his life. FINALLY, he was getting just what he wanted ALL of the attention and love to himself and did not have to share it with anyone else. When we were done, I dried him off with a towel and left the bathroom. The little guy kept trying to go back in there to get another bath!

I guess the moral of the story, if there must be one, is that scared sick dogs (and humans) should not be judged for their personality. The way we were warned about his behavior and tendencies, I almost did not get him. Thank goodness I put the warnings on the back burner, because if I hadn’t I would not have the sweet and loving puppy at my feet.

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