A friend of mine is getting married in the next couple of weeks. While I have not met the soon-to-be husband, after spending any amount of time with the bride you can easily see that she is well loved. Every time she gets to say his name, or bring him up in a conversation you can see her eyes dance with excitement. They have been engaged for three years but have obviously been together longer than that. They have grown up together and lived together for a long time. With that being said, they have a well-established household already, so what do you get a couple like that?

I want to get them something special, something that they can keep forever. So that every time they look at it, they can remember their special day. I thought long and hard and decided that the best thing I could give them was a quilt. Mind you, I have made exactly one quilt before this one. I am a completely self-taught quilter. My machine is a very appreciated hand-me-down that I cherish more and more with each project. Everything that I know comes from either trial and error or YouTube. Nonetheless, I went and picked out, what I humbly thought was, the best fabrics to suit them and the occasion.

Their invitations where a series of pictures that resulted in them dead next to a camp sign and the caption read “Even in Death,” so to keep in theme, I found some BEAUTIFUL dark purple fabric that had two skeletons who look festive enough to be getting married on it, to use as the centerpiece.

Ideally, I would have made them a quilt big enough for their bed or at least big enough for two people. Since that is what is happening, two people becoming one. Sweet right? Well unfortunately, when I made my first quilt (which is somewhere close to twin sized) I had learned that my machine CANNOT make something of that size. So I had to opt for a lap blanket. For one.

The plan was to free motion quilt it and make it BEAUTIFUL. Well, once again my plans came up short when I started to practice the stitch pattern, I had in mind. Turns out my machine also will not let the feed dogs go down. Yes, I can get something to cover the feed dogs, but not with my timeline, being so rushed. So ditch stitching it is. I have just finished the whole thing, save for the binding, which will be added tomorrow. Of coarse my opinion is more than a little biased, but I think it is beautiful and absolutely perfect, especially for a wedding gift.

I started out just wanting to get them a gift and then I wanted something more. I wanted something they could hang onto for life. I was unable to make it the size that I wanted it to be, but I think I could search for 1,000 years and not find a better fabric for them. The stitching might just be plain and not nearly as fancy as they deserve, but it will hold the quilt together and make it last, possibly even better than it would have if it were fancier. I had to adapt to each obstacle as it came and learn a few new tricks to make everything work out, but was happy to do it. Doesn’t that sound an awful lot like a marriage built to survive, “Even in Death”?

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