So today was a super fun day. My brother is down from New Mexico. We went to the water park and got sunburned and closed the place down. We came home and ate some MRE’s that he had brought down. By time I got home, I was completely tuckered out. I climbed into bed and crashed.

When my husband got home, he woke me up. I have work tonight and need to redo my sleep schedule. I went into the living room and sprawled out on the couch. My grandma’s dogs are here and when I laid down the Chihuahua, Mollie jumped up and laid in my hair, Roxanne, the Pekingese, jumped up and spazed out on my face. I pushed her off me, roll over, and try to fall asleep. Stella took this as a challenge, and started bashing me with one of her toys. These pups are quite a trio.

I rub my eyes, trying to get the sleep from my eyes. Under my left eye there was a very large piece of salt… sleep, whatever, I could not brush it off. I started to pick at it and it still would not budge. It was too dark in the living room to see it with my camera on my phone. I get off the couch and go to the office to look in the mirror. THERE WAS A TICK! A TICK! ON MY EYE!! Ok, ok, ok, not ON my eye, but VERY CLOSE! Too, close! I yell for my husband, fling open the bedroom door, and scream about the tick. He is out of bed in record time!

He tried to get it with just his fingers, but it didn’t work. We move to the bathroom and get out the tweezers. Still no luck. Nick pulls out his phone and YouTubes how to remove a tick. The first video involves a wet q-tip and irritating the tick until it lets go. That sets my nerves off. I do NOT want it to unlatch itself and crawl around on my eyeball! Eventually we go back to the tweezers, when the videos did not pan out. He gets the tick, and we flush it away, banishing it from our home.

All the dogs have been checked. I have been checked. Nick has been checked. The bed and couch, both have been checked and I am wide-awake!

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