Jenna Marbles does this thing, where every year for her birthday she makes a video listing one thing she has learned for each year she has been alive. I look forward to those videos every year, and since today is my birthday I thought I would give it a shot.

25 things I have learned in 25 years

  1. You don’t have to like someone to be around them
  2. It’s really hard to remember to pay all your bills on time. Auto pay is the greatest.
  3. You need eggs in the fridge
  4. Baby powder soaks up hair grease and adds volume.
  5. Antidiarrheal is not the best way to stop the runs; it just starts an ugly cycle.
  6. Rarely is it beneficial to just pretend you know what’s going on. ask questions.
  7. Packing a car is an art form.
  8. Clichés are usually clichés for a reason
  9. Vacations are much more fun with no plans, but other people don’t like that
  10. Everything you say can and will be held against you at a later date
  11. Fake nails are very pretty, but are not for me
  12. Sometimes getting out of bed will be your biggest accomplishment. And that’s ok
  13. Never be around people who make you small. Even if they don’t do it all the time
  14. The less you post on face book the happier you generally are
  15. I do NOT like heat. Heat is not for me, and neither is summer.
  16. There are a lot, A LOT, of people who do drugs. Way more than I have ever thought there would be.
  17. No matter what you tell yourself, you will not remember. Write it down.
  18. Never quit a job before you have a job.
  19. $100 goes much faster than you would think.
  20. Just because you don’t like someone, does not mean that they are wrong.
  21. Learning a language is more than memorizing some words.
  22. A majority of the time the only thing stopping you from doing something is you, yourself.
  23. You can put anything you want into a dish, throw some cheese on it, put it in the oven and call it a casserole.
  24. After a really good dose of food poising your poop turns black
  25. When you think there is nothing you can do to fix something, you aren’t looking for a way to fix it. Solutions are rarely convenient .

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