Father’s Day is today, so I thought I would share a fun story about my father. In the after math of Stella’s 2nd great escape, this time involving my 85 year old grandmother crying, my husband and I decided that our front porch needs to be fenced in. It already had a metal fence around most of it, but Stella can get out through the gap for the stairs and even under it. So, what I wanted to do was get some chicken wire, patch the gap under the fence, and get a gate to close off the steps. After three hardware stores, the consensus was, I fork over $400 and I could have a gate. Mind you, the gate only needs to be 42 inches wide, about three feet tall, and by no means sturdy.

Enter my hero. I call my Dad, at my wits end, and tell him my problem. Immediately he has a solution. “What about wooden pickets?” I tell him I would have to take the whole fence down to do that. “Well, I can help you and we can get it knocked out pretty cheap and fast!” sure enough, that Sunday him, and I pile in his van/ Bat-mobile and go to Sutherlands. We bought some pickets and went back home. I held the pickets up and took notes as he planned the whole project off the top of his head. We got all the measurements and our shopping list. Off to Sutherlands we went again.

We spent about two hours, my dad working, and me running to fetch random mix match tools of mine – well his off casted tools. He got the first half of the fence up and said we should finish the rest next Sunday. The next Sunday rolls around and he was promptly at my door ready to make the trip to- you guessed it, Sutherlands. When we came home, we resumed our niches. Now I have a beautiful new fence built by my dad.

End cost for a whole new fence, no ugly chicken wire, and two days spent with my dad and hero – $200. Half of my projected cost for just a gate from Home Depot! He put spring hinges, so it will close by itself and a lock that locks automatically when the door shuts. This smart design shuts even when we are busy or when a six year old has a brain fart. Hopefully this will end Stella’s escape escapades.

Happy Father’s Day to the man who gets me out of my many scrapes.



I would love to read some fun memories you have with your fathers/ comment them below.

Jaws Out!

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