I thought that since I am working so hard on Bessie’s story and spending – I’m not joking – all of my free time on it, I would tell y’all a little about my writing process. Also because I am so very drained of ideas that don’t concern Bessie.

In order for me to write, I have to have pen and paper. Something about a keyboard distracts me and tangles up my creative juices. Yes tangles juices. I can write as long as my hand will allow me to if I have just a single piece of paper and a nice flowy pen. Which is what I do at work. Between customers, I take a sheet of printer paper, fold it in half, and write. About anything. Sometimes stories, sometimes thoughts, but more often than not I just make lists. I love lists. Which is an odd thing to say, but I can make anything into a list.

When I get home, I sit at my desk and type it up. The next day I edit it, read it to my husband, for him to do a once over, then post it for you! I used to tote my iPad back and forth and would type everything up on my breaks at work, that sucked and will not happened anymore.

My house is littered with folded up pieces of paper that I have written on. All my life I have been this way, whether it was random pieces of paper, sticky notes, or notebooks, I am always surrounded by snippets of my mind. Somehow, it is comforting. When I was younger, I would go through, throw them all out, and start fresh. I’ve never been a sentimental person, until now, I guess, because I wish I had all of those back. What fun it would be to visit the mind of Guppy Jaws.

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