I have made midyear resolution to myself that I will not live in a dirty house any longer. I have decided that after nearly 25 years of life, it is time to grow up and do the damn dishes, and not just figuratively. I own my house and yet I treat it like garbage. We live out of laundry baskets. We wash dishes to use dishes. I have to clean off the kitchen table to put groceries on it. Yeah. Very little adulating going on.

Well I used last month and up until now to get everything in order. I have rearranged every piece of furniture in the house from one room to the next. Finally, I am down to one room and house will be decent! Here are my new rules.

Number One: Take something with you when you leave. Every time I go into a room, I clean one thing. For example, if I am leaving my office to go to the kitchen I could take the pile of empty water bottles with me and toss them.

Number Two: The sink is a dish free zone. I will no longer put dirty dishes in the sink. I shall wash them right away, or rinse them off and put it in the dishwasher.

  • This one is tricky, because the house I lived in before did not have a dishwasher.

Number Three: Laundry does NOT go the floor. Dirty laundry goes straight into the washer and clothes I will wear again get hung up!

  • I have some good news about this one! ALL of the laundry in the house is washed! So much so that when my husband came home last night and started on the bedding!!

Number Four: Out of drier onto the shelf! When taken from the drier the clothes MUST be folded and put away! We are still working on this one. For some reason this one is harder than the dishes for me.

Number Five: Wipe do the damn stove. After everything you cook take  a damn bleach wipe and wipe that bitch down! Even if she doesn’t look dirty!


This one is not so much for me as it is for my husband. Hardly anything gets me madder than a dirty stove. When I cook and bits fall from the pan, I want to pop that in my mouth and keep going. Cant do that if the stove is nasty! Also if you cook while it’s dirty it gets baked on, then it is impossible to get off!

Usually I would say, “We’ll see how long this lasts,” but that’s not how we are going to end this! We are going to be positive, so happy, clean thoughts! – Jaws Out.

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