The next morning, Bessie was awoken by her bedroom door opening. Anna, an older round, hard working woman, came bustling into the room. The woman’s two feet never leaving the floor as she walked, as she made her way over to Bessie’s bed and set the tray of food onto the side table. Anna’s silver hair was pulled back in a severe bun at the base of her neck, as it always was, never a strand out of hair out of place. She wore a faded pink dress, and an apron that used to be white around her waist. Anna had been her maid her whole life. Sometimes Anna would brag that she had gotten to hold Bessie even before her mother did.

As Bessie sat up Anna was opening the heavy floral curtains to let in the morning light. When she had opened all the curtains, she shuffled back to the bed and placed the table over Bessie’s lap, and disappeared into the bathroom that joined her room and the empty neighboring room. Bessie began to eat her breakfast as she heard her bath being drawn and froze in shock. Her hand slid down to her rounding stomach. Her condition was getting hard to hide, and if Anna found it out, then her mother was sure to find out. Anna told her mother everything! She tugged on the sheets trying to pull them up to her chin, rattling the dishes around and almost toppling over her orange juice. Anna must not find out.

As if to read her mind, Anna rounded the corner back into the room and removed the tray from the bed. Bessie held tight onto the sheets, even when her maid motioned to take them from her. “Miss Anna, I believe I will bathe myself today, in fact I think that I don’t need any assistance at all! I have become quite adept at doing my own hair.” Bessie said.

In everything but name, Anna was Bessie’s mother. She had raised her herself when her mother, Joan, had decided that she had raised enough of kids. Bessie was the youngest of six kids; she had two older brothers, John Jr, and Jacob, and three older sisters, Jaime, Jolie, and Jackie. She had been a surprise to her parents, Joan and John. Joan had made it quite clear that after Jackie, Bessie’s sibling closest in age, she would be finished having children. Joan found out that she was with child exactly one month before her birthday that was the only year that there was not a party held at the Weller house.

With the other five children, always a happiness glowed from Joan while she was expecting. She would wake up early and sing beautiful songs that would fill the large house with joy. As early as John would let her, she started planning nursery room schemes and decorations. The room would be stalked full of cloth diapers, rattles and everything a baby could ever need before her belly even had time to swell. Although it was frowned upon to be seen in public while in such a state, Joan could often been seen around the town shopping or visiting with friends. Always, was she cheerful and full of excitement to welcome the bundle into their home.

Though Joan’s final pregnancy was a mild one, with little sickness and hardly any trouble, it was the hardest one on her. Since the day that she found out that she was expecting, Joan seemed to be in a daze. She did not go on visits, nor did she allow company in the house. She did not prepare a nursery, or stock up on supplies for it and above all else, she did not talk about the baby. Joan did not visit the nursery until Bessie was almost a week old, and even then she did not pick up her baby. It wasn’t until Anna had insisted that the baby be given a name and a baptism that she was finally given a name. The name came from little Jackie, it was what she had named all of her baby dolls

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