1. Green grass grows greatly near Georgia’s grand grounds.

2. Green people deserve haircuts too.

3. Green Jello is the best Jello.

4. Green lights don’t appear every time you need to go.

5. Green candies shot stop being made – because they are nasty.

6. Green giants, who are also jolly, tell me spinach is yummy.

7. Green boogers on my white walls make me a green monster.

8. Green grapes go great with go-gurt.

9. Green weeds are better when they are in my neighbors yard.

10. Green gates gape granting grasshoppers grazing grace.

11. Greens are best served with lemon pepper and bacon.

12. Green Acres is the place for me.

13. Green salads taste like green grass.

14. Green children make poor life decisions.

15. Green emeralds make my eyes sparkle.

16. Green endless fields flow to my mind, when I’m in need of peace.

17. Green backs make life easier.

18. Green frogs are better for you than the red ones.

19. Green is really hard to start a sentence with.

20. Green no longer sounds like a word.

21. Green curtains make great dresses, just make sure to wash your hands before seeing suitors.

22. Green eggs and ham don’t sound as good as they are.

23. Green tomatoes, fried, are super delicious, especially served with ranch.

24. Green wounds are probably filled with gang green.

25. Green stains on my sons jeans, tell me that his birthday party was a success.

I had a hard time trying to find something to write about this week and found this prompt. I thought it was going to be a mindless prompt. I could write simple kindergarten sentences about the word “green” but it was much harder than I thought it would be! It told me that something strange would happen when you write that many sentences with a single word. I guess it did, in a way, I found out that it has more meanings than I thought. Maybe once it becomes a word again I will be amazed at how many different things it means.

3 thoughts on “Writing Prompt write 25 sentences starting with the word “Green”.

  1. “Green Jello is the best Jello.” I agree! Also, fried green tomatoes with ranch ARE tasteful. It seems like a fun exercise to boost your creativity.
    Btw, did I miss part 3 of the girl on the raft?


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