When I close my eyes and try to think of something that is “homey”, a place that makes me feel safe, and loved I always think of my grandma’s house. Only, in my mind, it is not how it is now, but how it has been from childhood, until today. Some of my very best memories come from that house and come from those who were there. When I think of my grandmas house nothing bad has ever happened in it. No arguments, no fights, only good food and lots of love. So many birthdays, graduations, holidays and celebrations of all kinds have taken place here so there’s no wonder why it holds such a dear place to me.

You open the front door you are in an entry way that leads to three separate places: the hallway, the kitchen, or the living room. You breathe in and smell some kind of cheesy casserole baking in the oven. Loud voices bounce off of the walls. Laughs ring all around you. You start to take off your coat and purse and are immediately greeted by the cook, and owner of the home. She envelopes you in a big, warm hug and gives you a kiss.

“I’m so glad that you made it!” She says.

There is a coat rack that was a little broken, and now a lot broken, immediately inside the door. Next to that there is a sewing machine, one that folds down into itself to become a table. The sewing machine has coats, purses and bags on it, the over flow from the not-so-functional-anymore coat rack. Under the sewing machine are messily discarded shoes of every style and size. Some turned over on their sides, some nowhere near their mates, and some with socks sticking out of them.

Venturing a little further into the house you make a right and go underneath an archway and find yourself in the living room. It’s got bright fuchsia carpet and mix match furniture. Dogs and children are running in and out of the room. The room is crowded with people, all the furniture being utilized, along with some of the floor. You are greeted by everyone there. Everyone’s happy to see you, and you them. Through another arched way you enter the kitchen and see that it is full as well. Some are helping set up the food on counters, some cooking, while some are sitting at the kitchen tables talking, laughing, and snacking. In the next room, there are the rest of the kids and dogs. Some are crowded around a TV, some playing with their dolls, while the rest are going in and out of the sliding glass doors. All of them enjoying their time spent at Nanny’s.

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