Today my dog got out, and things got WILD. I chased her up and down our neighborhood and ended up about 6 blocks over. I had about five people help me get her. THANK YOU JESUS to the lady that saw me through her window and rushed out to help me and did not give up! She even had her friend go get her car so that we could keep up with the fast little booger.

Let me paint you a picture. Me. In a long sleeve dress. Crocs. No bra. Chasing a Shiba Inu, shaking a bag of treats. Stella would rather go to a stranger than come to us when she is out running around the neighborhood. What can I say, she loves friends.

Right off the bat there was 3 teenagers walking their dog, they saw her and oood and awwwd over her, but did not grab her! We ran a little bit further, me rattling the bag of treats throwing some on the ground like I was feeding chickens. At one point she was close enough to me that I told her to sit, and she did! Right before I went to grab her she remembered that she had some more things to do, and ran off.

She ran across the street and I called and called for her. A car was coming and I screamed for her and she just stopped so I ran out into the street as well and pissed off the driver. We ran a little more and cars were going by and I was waving at them trying to signal to watch out.

You know they say that hindsight is 20/20…. well strap in, Some guy pulled up in a white VAN and said “GET IN, GET IN! I’ll give you a lift to her!”And like a big dummy I got in. I got in and shut the door and thought oh shit, what have I done! But nothing happened.thank god. He gave me a ride to her and I thanked him and he left.

Enter my super hero! The lady who chased Stella For BLOCKS! She whistled for her called for her, goalie blocked her and stayed with me the whole time. A couple houses down a lady in flip flops came out and started helping me and she stayed with us until the end as well. She would run up to people sitting on their porch and they would not even stop their dang conversations. They would just casually look at her and us and continue.

Towards the end of our chase, we went an alley where an at&t guy was working in his van with his legs hanging out. We started yelling at him to grab her, but he didn’t budge. Tell you the truth I’m pretty sure he was asleep. Finally we were able to find an abandoned house that had the back gate open. We got her in there and cornered her.

But then I had to carry her home. Well I’m tuckered out. Done. Nothing left. And I had at least 6 blocks to get home. Well I slung her over my shoulder like a dead rabbit, holding her by her two back feet. Every fence I saw I leaned up against, I’m not used to exercise, especially impromptu exercise. I got about three houses down from mine and I was DONE. I sat down in some random persons drive way and laid her across my lap. I was ready to hold onto her as much as I could, but she completely melted in my lap. That Gave me the energy I needed, angry energy, but energy nonetheless! She completely wore herself out! I snatched her up and marched her on home!

2 thoughts on “Stella’s Great Escape

  1. How luck that she had you carry her home.
    Good to hear that the man in the van helped, and didn’t turn out to be a bad decision.
    Too bad someone didn’t record you. It sure does sound like it would make a great clip.

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