– side note: this will be “edit” post, because I really like this prompt, so as I feel the need to add more to it I will. Each time I add more will be separated by the dates they were added.

When I was a little girl my parents gave me a beautiful pink and green dream catcher and hung it above my bed. They told me that when I had nightmares, that the dream catcher would catch them in its web in the middle, so that I could only have good dreams. It worked, as long as I slept in my bed with the dream catcher above my head, I never had bad dreams. However, every morning I would look up at the catcher and it was never in the same place it was when I fell asleep.

At first I thought it was because of a draft blowing it, or every now and again I would sleep with a fan, and thought it was that blowing it around. I asked my dad one day, and he brushed it off and told me that I was most likely bumping it when I was stretching. I wanted to believe him so much, but it was hard to do, because something in my heart told me that it was something more.

One day, I had a friend spend the night with me for a sleep over, and instead of making a fort in the living room, I asked her if she wanted to sleep in my bed and I would sleep on the floor. She gladly agreed to it. I waited for her to fall asleep and watched the dream catcher.

I felt silly at first, staying up so late, when I was so tired, just to watch an object on a wall. Just when I was starting to drift off into slumber, something moved in the corner of my eye. My eyes popped open and were fixated on the catcher. All of a sudden it spun in a full circle around the nail that attached it to the wall, and slapped itself against the wall.

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