In a place that only seemed far away lived a very private community where everything seemed timeless there. Almost like time had stopped one day and forgot to start back up.

For the most part the people were happy going about their lives day in, and day out not minding anything too terribly. A young lady by the name of Liza lived here. She was in her early 20s and the beauty of the town that she lived in. She had beautiful blonde hair and eyes that changed between a breathtaking blue and green depending on what color she wore. Eliza always wore her hair in a haphazard chignon that, more times than not, was just a little crooked. Her dress was rarely pressed and therefore always wrinkled something awful. When she sat in a chair she never sat straight up, any of these attributions would have dimmed any other beauty yet they seem to add to hers.

Very few people were strangers in this town but every now and then a visitor from somewhere far off a wonder through town and shake up the monotony. Today was one of those days.

A gentleman by the name of Gregorie smalls had some business in a town or so over and had decided that he should stop for the night for a hot meal and a nice warm bed before continuing on his way. He stopped at the in and got a room and question the keeper where he would be able to get a meal before retiring. The keeper told him to head to the house at the end of the street and tell the lady who answered that Sam sent him and he would be getting the best meal in town.

So that’s just what Gregory did. He was entered into the home right away and shown to the living room and place promptly in front of a cold fire place. You barely have time for his bottom to hit the seat of the chair when a woman and a wrinkled soft pink dress push through the door loudly and abruptly caring an arm full of split wood. No she had only a few logs in her arms she had them so high that she could barely see over them. With her house she nearly knocked over an arm chair that sat in front of the fireplace. When she knocked into The arm chair all the firewood fell from her arms and into the seat and landed so neatly that it looked as if she had done it on purpose. Gregory swung up from his chair and was going to catch the logs but after sing them perfectly the chair. She threw her head back contagious laugh that came from the bottom of her belly. She came around the side of the chair and looked up at him hurt laughing because her smile still place.

She introduced herself to him and told him that she was a Liza Brooke, daughter to the innkeeper. She started to pick up the wood from the chair when he swatted her hands and pick them up himself and started attending the fireplace. When he had finished is hand off onto his pants. I’m going to turn and find her gone. If I just head out the room when he saw the lady

She was an older woman with long gray hair pulled up and I need a complicated braided bun. She wore a dark blue dress That was completely wrinkle free and look as if he could stand by itself. She was busy in herself with a cream table linen that look like it had been crammed in the back of the drawer. She was shaking her head absently while turning it over to find the corners so that she can fold it

“I’m sorry ma’am, I didn’t get your name earlier“ Gregory spoke

She turned towards him and he grabbed a quarter of the cloth and help her fold it.

“Oh, my name is Mary, I live next-door. I like to come over here in the evenings and help Eliza and her father out, sometimes I think they would go hungry if I didn’t bring them their groceries.” She laughed then, they finished folding the linen and put it back into the chest against the wall

“Are you the one that’s doing the cooking tonight then, Mary? “

“Oh heavens no! That would be Miss Eliza, she can cook, bless her heart, she can cook better than anyone I know just never remembers to do the shopping. “She laughed again and grab his arm and let them into the kitchen. “I’m assuming you came and found me so to see where she disappeared to. “When he blushed and nodded his head she puts the door Open and he saw Eliza standing behind the counter flower on her cheek and elbow deep in a bowl of better.


Eliza was in the process of mixing together a batch of cookies when the kitchen door swung open revealing her guest, Gregorie, standing next to Ms. Mary. She reached up and tucked a piece of hair, that had fallen behind her ear.

“I came to see if I could help you anymore, I have been sitting all day, and I’m afraid I need to feel more productive, or I shall go positively mad!” Gregorie laughed.

Gregorie was a good looking man, he had brown hair with red that just touched the outline of it. He wore a neatly trimmed beard, and mustache. His pants and button up shirt were neatly pressed, and looked inkwell put together, even after he had built the fire in the fireplace.

“I think I have everything covered in here,” Eliza told him as she poured a little more flour into her bowl. She was used to cooking by herself, Mary used to come in and try to help her, but after a few times, Mary saw that she was more help tidying up the house than she was in the kitchen. “We are not having anything exciting tonight, I hope that is ok. I’ve made a roast, with some vegetables and boiled potatoes.”

“I am going to finish the dining room Miss Eliza, poke your head out if you need anything.” Mary said, as she made her way across the large kitchen, and slipped out a side door. Gregorie pulled back one of the stools from the other side of the counter that Eliza was working at and sat in it.

She started taking some of the dough out and rolling it into small balls and placing them on a sheet. Gregorie crossed the kitchen and washed his hands and came back to his stool. He reached into the bowl and followed what Eliza was doing.

“You really don’t have to help if you don’t want to, you are welcome to have a smoke in the din or borrow one of our books. Whatever. You find you are welcome to use.” Eliza smiled, she was not used to guests helping with dinner, especially when she was making something so simple.

“If I’m bothering you I’ll go, but I’d much rather stay and help. ” he looked up and at her and gave her a charming smell that could melt a heart. “When I was little I loved spending time with my grand mother, she was the best cook I know! I think I got to Help her in the kitchen more than my sister Rebecca ever did.”

“Was your mother a great cook as well?” Eliza asked as she pressed her thumb into the center of each cookie


His whole head flew back and the quiet room filled with laughter, “Oh, heavens no! My mother could burn a sandwich!”

Eliza joined in on the laughter and leaned in close and whispered ” That sounds like Mary.”

“How about your mother, was she who you learned from?”

“No, she passed away when I was very small, my father taught me the basics and taught myself the rest.” she added a laughter, then continued, “I guess I had to learn, or else we would have starved.” She smiled and finished the las thumb print, and reacted across the counter to grab a jar of jam that had been left out when she knocked over a jar of sugar and it rolled right into Gregorie lap. It was heading for the floor but, by sheer luck Gregorie had caught it right before it did.” I am so sorry! Here,” she frantically tugged the dish cloth from her apron string at her waste and handed it to him.

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